Kamikaze Tattoo Numbing Salve



380mg Kamikaze Hemp Tattoo Cream with Maximum 5% Lidocaine for Tattoo Artists 

Scent: Unscented to a very light citrus scent

This natural and organic tattoo artist salve contains 5% lidocaine and soothing hemp

And is the premium solution for an enjoyable tattoo experience for both artist and client!

We get it, some clients are not a fan of the pain, but love to have art on their skin.  

Finally, a tattoo salve with lidocaine that utilizes the universal benefits of hemp to comfort your client’s skin when the needle hits! We use premium hydrating oils, nourishing butters, soothing hemp and lidocaine in our tattoo artist salve for a fast-acting, lightweight, non-greasy and therapeutic tattoo experience every time. Plus, a little goes a long way! No more big globs of glide on your tray. This salve is super concentrated. 

SMOOTH GLIDING HEMP - Allow our non-greasy, all-natural hemp extract and therapeutic hydrating oils to soothe pains and ease your clients discomfort in the chair with Urban's Edge tattoo artist salve. Help your clients sit for longer sessions while effortlessly gliding over tender spots to bring your client’s vision to life without the needle burn. Minimize skin inflammation and swelling all without clogging your needle!

SILENCE THE SCREAMS - This tattoo salve has the perfect consistency. Thick enough to provide superior glide, but thin enough so your client still feels the vibration of the needle and you can easily see your stencil. Help calm and numb skin irritation so your clients can sit for longer sessions!

CBD: Eases, soothes and reduces inflammation of pained areas

Lidocaine: Provides effective numbing for an easier tattoo experience 

Jojoba Butter: Moisturize with the butter most identical to your skin's natural oils

Argan Oil:  Effortless glide thanks to perfect consistency that won't clog your needle or leave a greasy, sticky paste

Bergamot Essential Oils: To assist in warding off bacteria

Terpenes: Soothe and relax the tattoo area

And so much more!

PERFECT FOR STENCIL LONGEVITY- Kamikaze makes sure to retain your stencil for perfect completion of your art til the end. 

HANDMADE IN THE USA - Kamikaze has been expertly hand-formulated here in the USA by a seasoned skin care formulator.  Our expertly crafted delivery system of nourishing butters, hydrating oil and natural herbs along with the maximum 5% lidocaine and CBD is sure to keep your tattoo client comfy and your art inspiring.

FOR PROFESSIONALS - Recommended by tattooers, for tattooers. Urban's Edge Kamikaze includes a thoughtfully curated blend that allows you to work your magic without pooling, unnecessary client discomfort or clogged needles! 


Capture amazing photos of your Art after the session with minimal swelling and redness. 


For full numbing effect, apply 50 mins prior to the session and cover with seran wrap. Clean off prior to stencil.

Use it as a glide throughout the entire session to provide maximum relief to your client. 

*Please always consult a medical professional before using products containing lidocaine.