Our Story

Owner & Master Formulator

Give your skin the EDGE it needs to protect your lifelong art.

Through my own health struggles, I discovered that essential oils and herbs were the key to a lifelong plan to improve my health. With this knowledge, I started a clean and natural skin care company that is now sold in over 700 stores around the world.

I was looking to expand my product offerings, but I did not know exactly what path I would take. Coincidentally, my husband was using a popular, now competing tattoo balm for a recent addition to his tattoo sleeve. I was immediately intrigued by the product he was using and curiously scanned the ingredients. I was floored with what I was seeing, the product contained mostly fillers and cheap ingredients that really didn't provide any nourishing or healing benefits. I immediately began researching other tattoo products and found similar across the board.

With my knowledge of skin care and my reputation, I immediately set out to develop a tattoo balm that was formulated to do the job. What I did not expect was the quick recovery of the skin and its nourished look and feel. My husband was my test subject and was immediately impressed with how well the balm absorbed, moisturized and nourished his tattoos. This was the start to another amazing product line for Urban's Edge.