Snipe Tattoo Balm (Unscented)


Aftercare Balm with Essential Oils to Soothe Skin and Reduce Irritation 

 Scent: Unscented

Free of: Terpenes, Aloe Vera, Essential Oils, Alcohol, Chemicals

Have your new or old tattoo looking and feeling much better with Urban's Edge Tattoo Balm! Our tattoo enhancing balm is overflowing with game-changing ingredients... Jojoba Butter, a fantastically clean moisturizer Kokum Butter, inflammation Argan Oil, rapid healing Hemp Oil, reinforce your natural oil barrier Terpenes, control sebum levels in the skin and so much more!

Directions: Place solid balm into your palm and rub together until soft. Then apply the tattoo until the desired result is achieved. This tattoo butter balm is the premium solution for your tattoo care needs! In the current market, most other tattoo balms are made with cheap coconut oil which is highly comedogenic, clogging pores and causing unwanted breakouts rather than protecting you from them! We've taken a different path using premium nourishing Jojoba Butter and oils in our tattoo cream brightener for a fast-acting, lightweight and non-greasy, luxurious but effective skin conditioning experience every time. Jojoba Butter is your skin's closest oil available and it’s this similarity that allows Urban’s Edge Tattoo Balm to regulate your sebum production effectively. Your body won't be able to tell the difference! Whether it's your first tattoo or you're a 5-hour session veteran, Urban's Edge tattoo balm can heal, maintain and enhance your tattoo for the long haul


  • TAKE CARE - Get your tattoo to express your values the way it should with Urban's Edge tattoo enhancing balm! Allow natural essential oils to soothe and quickly heal your newly tattooed skin, enhance the vibrant art of your fresh or aged ink and minimize irritation and damage with a soothing cooling effect.
  • LUXURIOUS INGREDIENTS - Only the highest quality organic and natural ingredients have made the cut for our tattoo moisturizer. Packed with rich jojoba butter, nourishing essential oils and 18 herbs that hydrate your ink and the skin underneath, whilst protecting your tattoo from impurities.
  • HANDMADE IN THE USA - This fast-acting tattoo aftercare lotion balm has been expertly hand-formulated here in the USA. Only the highest standard natural ingredients have been used without synthetic fragrances or dyes, petroleum or cruel animal practices. Perfect for all skin types.
  • REJUVENATE WITH EASE - Just a dab of our lightweight and breathable tattoo  balm is all it takes to revitalize the wow factor in your tattoo! The highly absorbent tattoo healing cream is completely non-greasy, ensuring all you reap all the benefits of the nourishing ingredients fast and clean.
  • DELICIOUSLY SCENTED - Urban's Edge tattoo balm brightener comes in 4 sumptuous scents. Choose Hawk for an earthy wood scent, Raven for a refreshing minty scent, Raptor for a citrus scent or Phoenix for a lavender/chamomile scent. We now have unscented for sensitive skin!  All 5 contain antimicrobial properties, keeping you safe from annoying and painful infections.
  • THE EXTRA EDGE - Give your skin the edge it needs to protect your lifelong art with Urban's Edge Tattoo Aftercare Balm! Your new or old ink is crying out for our carefully formulated blend of butters and oils to rejuvenate the pop in your tattoo. 

  • SOOTHE AND RESTORE - Effectively soothe newly tattooed skin with our tattoo cream balm that helps to reduce dry, peeling and scabbed skin while eliminating after burn. Our tattoo moisturizer balm can also rejuvenate the color on older ink to keep heads eternally turning.

  • HAND FORMULATED QUALITY - This gloriously game-changing tattoo care balm has been formulated by experts in the USA, using high quality plant based ingredients deployed to do the job crisp, fast and clean. This unscented lotion for tattoo is chemical, alcohol and synthetic free.

  • GLIDES ON - When it comes to applying our tattoo balm brightener, the word 'effortless' springs to mind. The non-greasy tattoo balm aftercare quickly absorbs into skin to nourish, gliding over your skin with a perfect consistency that's neither too thick or too thin.

  • UNSCENTED FOR PURISTS - This fast acting tattoo balm organic has been made without terpenes, essential oils, aloe vera and any scent for those with sensitive skin, as well as the

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