Kamikaze Tattoo Numbing Salve


Scent: Unscented to a very light citrus scent

Urban's Edge Tattoo Numbing Cream - 380mg Kamikaze Hemp Tattoo Cream with Maximum 5% Lidocaine for Tattoo Artists and Clients | Fast-Acting and Smooth Numbing Cream Tattoo | Handmade in USA

This natural numbing cream for tattoos extra strength with hemp on is the premium solution for an enjoyable tattoo experience!

We get it, you love the feeling of getting tattoos but aren't such a fan of the pain you have to go through for them! Finally, a tattoo salve with lidocaine that utilizes the universal benefits of hemp to comfort your skin when the needle hits! We use premium essential oils, butters and lidocaine in our strong numbing cream for tattoos for a fast-acting, lightweight, non-greasy and therapeutic tattoo experience every time. Plus, a little goes a long way!

SMOOTH GLIDING HEMP - Allow natural hemp extract and therapeutic essential oils to soothe pains to ease your clients discomfort in the chair with Urban's Edge numbing tattoo cream! Effortlessly glide over tender spots to bring your clients vision to life, without the burn or clogging of your needle! 

SILENCE THE SCREAMS - This tattoo numbing cream before tattoo has the perfect consistency. Thick enough to provide superior glide and ease the often unbearable pain, but thin enough so your client still feels the vibration. Help calm and numb your clients tattoo area so they can sit for longer sessions!

HANDMADE IN THE USA - This hemp numbing cream for tattoos has been expertly hand-formulated here in the USA. Energetically infused crystal oil is blended with highly moisturizing and nourishing butters and essential oils, a jojoba based delivery system and the maximum 5% lidocaine, this numb cream for tattoo keeps your client comfy and your art inspiring.

TEST-SAFE FORMULA - This skin numbing cream for tattoos with hemp provides a fast acting outcome, reaching full effectiveness in reducing inflammation and redness in only 30 mins with no side effects on mandatory work testing! Our essential oil blend glides your needle smoothly, without being greasy!

FOR PROFESSIONALS - Recommended by tattooers, for tattooers. Urban's Edge Kamikaze includes a thoughtfully curated blend that allows you to work your magic without pooling, unnecessary discomfort or clogging needles! Our hemp painless tattoo numbing cream also comes in a refreshing, non-medicinal, citrus scent.

Make tattooing a more enjoyable experience with Urban's Edge Kamikaze!

Our hemp and lidocaine tattoo numbing cream before tattoo extra strength combines citrus scented bergamot essential oil with nourishing oils that are overflowing with soothing benefits…

Hemp, reduce inflammation of pained areas

Lidocaine, provide effective numbing for an easier tattoo experience tattoo 

Jojoba Butter, moisturize with the butter most identical to your skin's natural oils

Argan Oil, effortless glide thanks to perfect consistency that won't clog your needle or leave a greasy paste

Terpenes, soothe and relax the tattoo area

And so much more!

Our fast absorbing and therapeutic Edge Blend Bergamot Essential Oils are effective against 22 strains and are triple tested for purity to provide the best possible relief!


For full numbing effect, apply 30 mins prior to session. Clean off prior to stencil.

*Please always consult a medical professional before using products containing lidocaine.

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