Pammy Sellers

Hey everyone! Here's a little bit about myself. I've been tattooing for about 15 years. The start of my career was a little rough. Finding a good apprenticeship with someone willing to teach wasn't easy. So I pretty much became self-taught and kept pushing to learn as much as possible on my own every day.

After working at many shops over the years in the Baltimore/Annapolis area of Maryland, I met my husband in 2016. He and I decided to open our own shop in Chestertown, Maryland, called Sellers Ink Tattoo. We've been in business for about 6 years now, I have a great team working for me, and we have a blast there every day!

I also now travel to as many conventions as I can on the east coast, and I'm humbled and thankful to say that I've won multiple awards for various styles at the conventions. Some of the styles I enjoy the most are horror/dark art, black and grey or color realism/surrealism, New school, neo-traditional, and watercolor/abstract. My husband and I also recently became the owners of 247 ink magazine, and we get to interview artists, musicians and models from all over the world! It's a free online magazine, so check it out at