Jason Ayers

42 year old tattooer from zanesville Ohio. Born in Exeter California, and moved to Ohio when I was 10. Found a home made machine my dad had made at the age of 11, and started playing around. By 12 I was tattooing on skin. By the time I was a teen, I tattooed someone everyday. I graduated high school in 99, and started at a local tattoo shop. I started my own studios in 06, and have not stopped. I been publish many times. On the news stations, podcasts, and television for tattooing.  I have placed many many times in competition. I’m a realistic tattooer, allowing me to tattoo any style, since I can tattoo what I see. I have been married for 20 some years, and have four kids  . Ages 20, 15, 10, 3. I now co-own Black label tattoo co., a studio at 20 north 6th street in downtown zanesville ohio.