Cody Smith

Hey fam my name is Cody. Tattooing wasn’t a career I went searching for. It actually it found me. Pretty cliché huh? I had just dropped outta high school, lost my father then had my first daughter all in the same year and tattooing fell into my lap when I first saw my cousin DJ tattooing friends and family, so I gave it a shot and it changed my life.

Ever since, it’s been my passion and my coping mechanism through depression, anxiety etc. I didn’t have the traditional apprenticeship or proper mentor, just straight dedication and being addicted to the craft for the past 15 years. Whenever I find myself in that dark place, I see the light in life while I work, hearing your stories during every session. It’s comforting to know I wasn’t and am not alone and to hear a client say they absolutely love their tattoo and thanking me for listening means the world. A lot like my style in art, I love to keep it as real as possible as a person. When others say I wear my heart on my sleeve, I truly do so.

I choose to focus my career more on black and grey. Not only because I feel I can capture the details but that’s kinda how I see the world, and most will get it. Some won’t and I know this seems like it’s way too deep or dark, but tattooing has saved my life in more ways than people will ever understand.

Now, after beginning my career in a small town Elkland, PA, I now reside in Mansfield, PA. I own and run a shop called Smith Tattooz with my wonderful wife Jenna. We came in with low expectations but it’s become bigger than we could ever imagine and is growing everyday.

Art by Cody Smith: Dark Devil Art by Cody Smith: Saw Scream Art by Cody Smith: R&B Star

Art by Cody Smith: The Joker